Project Based Electronic Timesheet and Expense Management System

Manage Employee Timesheets and Expenses by Project and by Client, all within one system.

UltraSoftTMS is project based Timesheet and Expense management, and Resource planning and costing System.

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  • UltraSoftTMS is a project based timesheet and expense management system. It also incorporates resource planning and costing tool and automated invoicing module.
  • UltraSoftTMS is a true alternative to paper or excel based time consuming manual system. With UltraSoftTMS you record time and expense in real-time and analyse information by job and by employee. Spend no time on writing reports, it is all automated.
  • Adapt UltraSoft TMS to meet your business needs and streamline business process, increase efficiency, save time & cost and increase profit margin.

Combine UltraSoftTMS with UltraSoftDMS to add on and automate customers, projects and documents management functions. Contact us for a quick on-line demonstration.


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Selected features of UltraSoftTMS:
Manage projects, clients list, employees, timesheet and expense within one system.
Consolidate time records automatically.
Secure timesheet and expense.
Automate VAT calculation.
Interface to accounting system.
Create interface with other corporate systems (MIS).
Multiple locations and currencies
Analyse data in real-time.
Analyse data and export it to excel for further manipulation...
and do more ...
Key System Benefits of UltraSoftCRM
Streamline business process.
Save time and money.
Increase efficiency.
Stop duplication.
Improve corporate image.
Improve customer service.
Secure valuable information.
Intuitive + simple to use.