Affordable & Adaptable Enterprise CRM Solution.

Automate sales force, free your sales team, increase your sales and grow your business faster.

UltraSoftCRM is an enterprise electronic marketing, sales process automation and customer relationship management system.

A simple, intuitive, collaborative and easy to adapt off-the-shelf CRM system that can increase performance of your marketing and sales team in days.

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  • Adapt UltraSoftCRM to meet your sales and marketing needs and streamline account development process, increase efficiency, save time & cost and increase profit.
  • Track and analyse every little information from marketing campaign to enquiry, follow-ups, meetings, proposals and closing the deal.
  • With UltraSoft CRM, you can device a strategic account development process that works for your organisation.

Combine UltraSoftCRM with our billing platform (UltraSoftBIS) to automate your business process from enquiry to sales, billing and management reporting.

Selected features of UltraSoftCRM:
Define and launch email marketing campaign.
Automated lead import and processing.
Manage all activities: tasks/follow-ups/meetings ...
Access real-time product and service availability.
Use MS Word or Excel documents as templates.
Track all lead specific documents.
Build and track opportunity pipelines.
Design data and graphic reports.
Analyse individual and group level data.
Create bespoke fields and forms.
Integrate with MS Office.
and do more ...
Key System Benefits of UltraSoftCRM
Streamline business process.
Save time and money.
Increase efficiency.
Stop duplication.
Improve corporate image.
Improve customer service.
Secure valuable information.
Intuitive + simple to use.